12.24.2011 - 1:44 AM

Just got home from a pretty fun night.
School, dance practice, & two parties in one day…

Yeahhh buddyyyyy….

Parents were getting tight a little cause i didnt call and then some little miscommunication happened there, but whatever Hopefully they get over it…
Cause I am sorry, I just cant admit it right now

Both parties were cool. First one:
chill channukkah party (Yeah I said Channukkah) Everyone was dancing and being goofy and having fun. The second one was a little more house party. People were drinking, some were dancing, some were just chilling with their friends or w.e
I left early cause I had to go home, one of my friends walked me home and he was kinda tipsy. He always walks me home when we’re together and its late out. So this is normal, him being a little drunk not so much.
But whatever, he was walking me home we were talking like we always do. And we’ve gotten a lot closer lately, to the point that were like best friends. Anyways he blurted out, I Like You.
he was drunk.He kept saying it, that he has feelings for me. And i kept rejecting him and being the bitch that i can be sonetimes Lol I told him that i didnt feel the same way, i told him i wanted to stay friends. And when he asked me, well what do I do about my feeling for you. I said: Hide them, ignore them Do sonething cause this cant happen.
he was drunk thats what i keep telling myself. thats why he became so emotional.

Fuckkkkkk mann….
I mran ideally, i think i would be fine with it But this is reality, so….
Yeah w t f am i gonna do?

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Posted on Saturday, 24 December
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